Sacroiliac Joint Pain
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Testimonials and Reviews
Solihull and Tamworth Sacroiliac Joint Pain Specialists at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre Clinic's treat thousands of sacroiliac joints quickly and successfully.  The secret is in the diagnosis and this is very often mis-diagnosed. We see patients who have been diagnosed with SIJD and sacroiliitis and when we examine them, they do not have this condition.  We see patients diagnosed with everything apart from sacroiliac joint pain and its a classic SIJ problem.

Don't ask us why practitioners are divided on this common condition but they all have their own way to test it and treat it.

Chiropractors will offer, twisted pelvis, pelvic torsion or misaligned pelvis in some form or another, Osteopaths will offer something similar and may include leg length differences, muscle inbalances overpronation of the ankles or hypermobile joints.  Finally physiotherapists will usually find a muscle inbalance, muscles not firing correctly, weak or tight muscles as the cause and offer a series of corrective exercises.

If you add to the list, Orthopaedic Consultants who want to inject the joint or use prolotherapy injections and even fuse or pin the joint then we do indeed have a variety of options.

At Atlas 6 visits, based on twice a week, resolves many sacroiliac joint problems, no manipulation, no exercises, no surgery and no injections.  Benefits and pain relief is often noticed after the first visit too.  If you have tried the rest with no luck, this is no surprise to us.  Give us a call and see why we are known as the sacroiliac joint specialists.

      Our treatment was not taught to us, it was invented by us!!

"To put is simply, in my eyes John Williams is a genius - he has transformed my life.

I had been suffering with a slipped disc/sacroiliac joint problem for over a year when I met John.  Before meeting him I had undergone 2 spinal injections, 18 acupuncture treatments and endless physiotherapy, yet I was still struggling with the most basic every day routines.  I couldn't reach my feet to put socks on/tie laces, sitting at a table to eat a meal was impossible, when working at a desk I would opt to kneel up rather than sit on a chair.  I couldn't walk up any kind of gradient, I couldn't drive my car more than 5 or 6 miles and I avoided bends and roundabouts that tipped me to the left.

"My 10 year old boy is a very sporty child who never keeps still, he had hip and back pain for a number of weeks, unable to fully weight bear, using crutches and even a wheelchair just to get the Christmas shopping done and get him out of the house.

Unable to attend school and on 3 different pain killers and waking up during the night, it was awful to see a child suffering and you are left feeling helpless.

2 MRI's later, a review by the spinal team and a hip specialist, both of whom were unsure as to what was causing the pain. There was even talk of invasive surgery to explore further.  I then came across Atlas and a phone call later, I booked in for a review and within days my son had an assessment from John who assured me "he would get him sorted"

Well he wasn't wrong, he ascertained he had a significant leg length difference that was throwing his hips out of alignment causing the back and hip pain.  He fitted a heel lift and commenced some intense physiotherapy and within a few weeks he was back to playing football, off the pain killers and back to the happy boy we knew we should have.

This is all down to John, I cannot thank him enough, I have my 10 year old son back to his former self.  Had I not found Atlas Pain Relief Centre who knows where we would have been

Thank you"

Nicola Robinson - Solihull
What makes John remarkable is not simply the astounding difference he makes to the level of pain, he is also remarkable because as a patient, I really felt that he listened, then he problem solved, he was always honest in his approach and he understood the pain.  More than anything else however, he showed me he was determined to make a difference.  His service is excellent value for money as he doesn't watch the clock - he is too busy treating the patient and giving them the time needed for an effective recovery.

I really cant thank him enough for the amazing job he has done in helping me return to health.  In my eyes he is a genius. John moved me forward with my recovery more in the 8 sessions I had with him, than all of the other experts had done over the past year.

Now I am able to do so many things that were seemingly impossible just a few months ago.  I really feel I am getting my life back, I have enjoyed meals out with my family, I have played in a local concert, gone for lovely long walks, socialised with friends (and enjoyed doing it) I am now far more mobile around the home, I have enjoyed time out shopping and even managed to sit through a film at the cinema and enjoy it!

I am absolutely thrilled at the progress I have made and really don't know how to thank him enough.  He has truly transformed my life and with that he has also transformed the lives of my entire family as well as my friends".

Best wishes 
- Sue - Sussex
"You are no doubt thinking having found this website, how come they are the only clinic to claim to sort out your SI joint... Yes I was at first unsure but made a phone call to John. Like it says on the TV advert, it does what it says on the tin.

After many many years of pain, frustration, way too many subscribed drugs, thinking I was going to be stuck with it for life (the pain got to state of being able to be stand upright for a max of 2 hours, then having to lie down, let alone the feeling of a knife twisting in your nerve ends) Truly the treatment has been a life changer, it works !! What have you to lose, a first appointment with treatment isn't going to break the bank. You cant put a monetary figure on your health. 100% recomend"

Mark Winney - Hereford

The majority of my day was spent popping painkillers - On the outside I was in survival mode, yet on the inside I was slowly dying and desperate for help!  For a year I had attended every medical appointment offered and nothing had worked effectively.

Then I found John on the internet, I knew nothing about him except what I read on his website.  This had struck a cord with me.  My husband then drove me the 145 miles to see him, if I'm honest I was very cynical that it would work but I was also desperate!  So many well qualified people had promised so much and then I had been bitterly disappointed, so I had pretty much given up hope of finding anyone that could really fix me.

However this time I couldn't have been more wrong.  After the first session, I returned home and couldn't believe it when I found that I could get up out of bed, pain free the following day. I then went shopping and enjoyed a snack in a coffee shop for the first time in more than a year.  I returned to John for further sessions and every session saw more remarkable progress.
Testimonial 1 video after successful visit to clinic
I would like everyone to know that I traveled down from Scotland to attend Atlas Pain Relief Clinic and after one treatment I am feeling fantastic and for the first time in 8 years I have some relief from my constant pain.  John Williams treatment has worked wonders and it was worth all the cost involved in visiting Birmingham.  Just wished I lived closer so I could complete the full treatment but John is going to try and get me some treatment closer to home. Wonderful friendly experience....would recommend for anyone suffering from SI Joint pain

Katy Harvey - Scotland
"I was diagnosed with sacroiliitis several months ago after having an MRI scan. I couldn't walk without the use of crutches and I was in the most awful pain on a daily basis. After having 2 spinal injections under xray, steroid injections, 21 physio appointments plus anti inflammatories, I still had no relief from the pain I was in and I was struggling to do my normal everyday activities. 

I was constantly taking pain relief (codeine and morphine) and I really was at my wits end. I just wanted the pain to stop and to be able to get out of bed and dressed by myself without having to ask my husband for help!

My consultant was thinking of putting me on yet more medication which I really didn't want to do and it was beginning to get me down.  That's when my husband started looking into other practices that had the knowledge of treating sacroiliitis and thankfully he found the Atlas Pain Relief Centre.
I have had 5 appointments now with John and I feel fantastic!  I can now walk without the use of crutches, can get out of bed perfectly fine and get dressed by myself.  I have started walking and cycling again and to top it all off, I have cut the medication I was taking right down, which is a real bonus!

I really cant thank John and his team enough for what they have done for me, I don't think they quite realise what a difference they have made to me but they really have given me my life back.

I have already referred a family member to the clinic who is now under treatment and I would highly recommend them to anyone".
Angela Souch  -  37yr old from Oxfordshire
Testimonial 2 video of succesful SIJ treatment