Sacroiliac Joint Pain
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Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Sacroiliitis treated in Tamworth by the sacroiliac joint specialists at Atlas Pain Relief Centre
Tamworth Sacroiliac Joint Pain Clinic
Sacroiliac Joint treatment in Tamworth, Staffordshire.  The Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth is the place to visit if you have sacroiliac joint dysfunction or pain around the groin, pelvis and hip.

                   We can treat painful Sacroiliac Joints!

Why is it that so many people struggle to find someone to resolve their sacroiliac joint pain?  We find it easy because we designed our own treatment regime that is really effective.  After so many ideas and protocols on SIJ treatment that simply do not work, we decided to investigate the problem and design a new treatment.  The result - It works in the majority of cases and is amazingly successful!!

Tamworth sacroiliac joint specialists treat patients from local areas such as Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Swadlincote, Brownhills, Cannock, Polesworth, Kingsbury and Atherstone. 

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction or sacroiliac joint hypermobility is often used as a diagnosis for sacroiliitis which is an inflamed sacroiliac joint resulting in sacroiliac joint pain.

Why is Tamworth in Staffordshire the place to visit if you have this one sided low back pain?  Its because we can diagnose it quickly and treat it effectively, taking you out of pain and getting you mobile again.
Atlas Pain Relief Centre - Tamworth, Staffordshire
Our Tamworth Pain Relief Centre offers a variety of back pain treatment, sacroiliac joint diagnosis and treatment

We also treat upper back pain trigger points which often appear on patients who have poor posture or occupational postural problems.

Corrective postural exercises and a combination of hands on treatment is what makes Atlas the back pain specialists in Tamworth Staffordshire