Sacroiliac Joint Pain
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Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Sacroiliitis treated in Solihull by the sacroiliac joint specialists at Atlas Pain Relief Centre
Solihull Sacroiliac Joint Pain Clinic
Sacroiliac Joint Pain treatment in Solihull, West Midlands.  The Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Solihull is the place to visit if you have sacroiliac joint dysfunction or pain in and around the sacroiliac joint.

                   We can treat painful Sacroiliac Joints!
Sacroiliac Joint Pain in Solihull? If you are currently receiving treatment for a sacroiliac joint dysfunction or have sacroiliac joint inflammation which is giving you pain and it is not improving quickly, then consider visiting the sacroiliac joint specialists at Atlas. 

Hypermobile sacroiliac joints, twisted pelvis or sacroiliac joint syndrome are all terms describing a problem with sacroiliitis and Solihull Osteopaths, Solihull Physiotherapists and Solihull Chiropractors will all offer treatments for these conditions.  At Atlas we work in a totally unique way and have a very different approach in treating sacroiliac joints.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain will not be highlighted on any scan, so although you will have pain, an MRI scan Ultrasound or CT Scan will generally find nothing.  Injections into the sacroiliac joint are generally ineffective as are manipulations of the ilia or pelvis.  Why is this?  Its because practitioners are fixated with finding a mechanical cause such as a rotated ilia, sticking joint or hypermobile joint.  Failing this we have weak glutes, piriformis muscle tight or a muscle inbalance usually offered by physiotherapists.

In our experience the sacroiliac joint mechanism is nearly always functioning correctly and therefore needs no manipulation at all.  Why try and fix something that is not broken and functioning correctly?

Atlas have devised a totally unique sacroiliitis treatment that works in most cases in no more than 6 visits

Solihull Sacroiliac Joint Pain Clinic understand the so called Sacroiliac joint Syndrome or Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

Exercises albeit strengthening or stretching in our opinion will have little effect on treating a painful sacroiliac joint.

Anti Inflammation drugs taken orally or injections into the joint have little success and this is why traditional treatment for the condition that is difficult to treat for most must be looked at in a totally different way.

We have found an answer and it is very effective!!!
Solihull Clinic Director at Atlas Pain Relief Centre