Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Designed by Tamworth Osteopath and Physiotherapist the Atlas Sacroiliitis treatment protocol is unique and found knowhere else.  The sacroiliac joint pain will show nothing when scanned by MRI or Xray and Consultants when faced with treating this condition tend to inject the joint with little effect.  Far easier and more effective, the Atlas Sacroiliac Joint Pain treatment is safe, simple, painless and quick.

Patients travel from all over the UK to visit us because we get results.  We are not expensive and provide a working diagnosis before we begin to treat you.  Try us and see what we can do for you!
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Sacroiliac Joint Expert
What is a sacroiliac joint expert? What is a sacroiliac joint specialist?  These questions always interest me as I guess there is no such thing, however someone who treats sacroiliac joints on a daily basis and has done so for 17 years in a successful manner has to be considered to be in the very least experienced in this area of work.
My name is John Williams and I had extensive training in how to resolve sacroiliac joint dysfunction during my training to become an osteopath.  I could diagnose sacroiliac joint dysfuction, twisted pelvis, rotated ilia, hypermobile sacroiliac joint syndrome and all that was associated with this common problem.  When I qualified and went into private practice I was finding plenty of patients with sacroiliac joint pain but on examination very few had a joint dysfunction.  I questioned why they were in pain with no obvious cause or functional sacroiliac joint issues..

With this in mind I decided to establish a treatment for sacroiliac joint pain which led me to 2 years of experimenting with different modalities of treatment.  Lets get this straight, anyone reading this who has suffered these symptoms will identify with what I am going to say.

Exercises do not work!  This is because the sacroiliac joint is an expansion joint and you cannot directly make it move by contracting a muscle, therefore you are unable to strengthen it.  All you can do is exercise the muscles around it which in my opinion has little value.  This is the treatment of choice by physiotherapists!

Manipulation does not work! This is relevant if there is no dysfunction found and no obvious misalignment which means everything is working fine.  Why manipulate the Ilia or lumbar spine if its functioning normally?  All you do is either irritate further or risk jamming the joint causing an unwanted problem.  This is the treatment of choice by Chiropractors and Osteopaths.  If however you do have a functional problem and the joint is not operating properly you would need to restore function for recovery to take place.  This only needs to be done one or two times so if your therapist does this often, look for another opinion.

Injections do not work! How many of you have had injections of steroids or prolotherapy into the sacroiliac joints and ligaments with no success.  How many have had epidurals and facet joint injections that have had no success? I guess many of you and this tends to be carried out by consultants or doctors at pain clinics.  If they cant find out why you are in pain they tend to inject the area often for diagnostic purposes. 
Clinic Director John Williams
As a fellow sacroiliac joint sufferer
I understand this condition both as a practitioner and as a patient. 

I was able to experiment on myself to design a successful pain relief treatment which does not involve drugs, manipulation or exercises and it works!!

A word of caution however - many people self diagnose this condition and some are incorrectly diagnosed by their therapist so an accurate diagnosis is important in order to obtain a fast result with our sacroiliac joint pain programme.