Sacroiliac Joint Pain
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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction - SIJD
What is sacroiliac joint dysfunction? Well basically it appears to be describing a malfunction of the sacroiliac joint however it is a broad based term to describe sacroiliac joint pain, a sticking sacroiliac joint or a rotated ilia perhaps. SIJD is non descriptive as a diagnosis.

Hypermobile sacroiliac joints may also come under the heading of SIJ Dysfunction but it is not strictly true unless the SIJ fails to function correctly.
Sacroiliac joint treatment will vary depending on who you visit and what they find.  If there is a mechanic reason why the joint is not moving it can be manipulated in order to free it up again.  Should this keep happening then there will be an underlying cause that needs to be addressed.

Biomechanics may be involved and a detailed assessment may be needed to discover the cause of the dysfunction, however many patients present at our clinic with no dysfunction but have the pelvic pain.

Atlas are experienced at dealing with sacroiliitis and unstable sacroiliac joints, we do not suggest the use of sacroiliac joint belts as a solution to your problem.
Sacroiliac Joint Pain is a global problem and there seems a reluctance for orthopaedic consultants to recognise the problem.  As it is not visible on a scan of any kind the attitude seems to be "if we cant see it then it doesn't exist"
They may have said this about electricity many years ago but for the tens of thousands of SIJ pain sufferers, it does exist, it is very real and can ruin your life through pain and disability.

John Williams is our sacroiliac joint pain expert and he has designed a protocol for treating sacroiliac joint pain.  Visit one of our clinics to discover what we can do for you.  Diagnosis is key so before you have facet joint injections, prolotherapy, epidurals or surgery at your local pain clinic give us a call and get an accurate diagnosis.
Exercises for sacroiliac joints are of little use, these are often prescribed by physiotherapists because their main treatment protocol is exercised based.  The sacroiliac joints work like expansion joints and their job is to allow movement and help relieve stress forces upon the pelvis. There are no muscles that directly affect the joint and the joint itself moves only as a result of movement around it.  As the SIJ should sometimes be fixed and sometimes be mobile it involves a complex movement pattern when in use.  Exercises will only strengthen or stretch muscles around the joint and as a solution to SIJ pain we see little evidence to support this as a mode of treatment.

Fusing of the Sacroiliac Joint will lead to disability and anyone contemplating this would have to be at the end of their tether.  These joints are designed to move, fusing them will give you far more problems in our opinion
Not only do our customers visit from Bournmouth, Yorkshire, Scotland, Lincolnshire, Norwich, Newcastle and London but we have visitors from Denmark, Portugal, France, Germany and Hong Kong.  The sacroiliac joint pain problem is truly a global one with many email enquiries from America too.  We are truly the people to see is you feel you have a sacroiliac joint problem.
Video explaining SIJD and SIJ pain