Sacroiliac Joint Pain
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Atlas have a cure for sacroiliac joint pain!
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Solihull Osteopath has a successful treatment for Sacroiliitis and Sacroiliac Joint Pain. Unique treatment designed by our Osteopath in Solihull for sacroiliac pain sufferers.  Inflamed sacroiliac joints can be mistaken for back pain and even sciatica. 

We know how to diagnose your sacroiliac joint dysfunction and inflammation and offer a fast successful treatment plan to remove pain and restore mobility.
Solihull Osteopath for Sacroiliac Pain
Osteopathy in Solihull can be accessed at Atlas Pain Relief Centre and indeed at other clinics in the Solihull area however the Solihull Osteopath at Atlas has a unique treatment for sacroiliac joint pain he designed himself that is not taught in any osteopathy college.

The Atlas treatment protocol for sacroiliitis is simple but very effective and is successful for most patients within 6 visits.

Solihull Osteopaths treat sacroiliac joint pain but John Williams uses the Atlas sacroiliac joint treatment protocol and can boast an amazing success rate.
Solihull osteopath John Williams
Chiropractors in Solihull and Physiotherapists in Solihull offer treatment for sacroiliac joint pain and some manipulate the sacroiliac joint, others give exercises to strengthen the muscles around the pelvis.  We hear often the words "you have a twisted pelvis or misaligned pelvis"  We guess they are referring to a rotated ilia in many cases and we see this occasionally and it is simple to adjust and level the pelvis.  It should not need to be done every visit and if it keeps rotating then there is usually an underlying cause that needs investigation.

Solihull Chiropractors are able to manipulate the pelvis and spine in a similar way that osteopaths do. Manipulation in our opinion is not the answer in most cases of sacroiliac joint pain.
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