Sacroiliac Joint Pain
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Solihull sacroiliac joint pain and Tamworth sacroiliac joint pain sufferers have now found a local pain relief clinic that can treat most cases of sacroiliitis successfully. We are the sacroiliac joint specialists based in UK

Atlas Pain Relief Centre have developed a treatment for sacroiliac pain and sacroiliitis that really works!

Most musculo-skeletal practitioners like Solihull Chiropractors, Solihull Osteopaths and Solihull Physiotherapists treat sacroiliitis but none offer treatment that was developed by John Williams at the Atlas Clinics.  The Atlas Sacroiliac joint treatment is unique and very successful, most patients are better within 6 visits

If you feel you are suffering from sacroiliac joint pain or sacroiliac joint dysfunction and have been diagnosed by your current practitioner with this condition you would benefit from visiting us.  If we feel you have sacroiliac joint pain after examination by us, you are likely to feel the benefit in the majority of cases, with only 6 sessions of treatment

At Atlas we have devised a simple yet effective treatment for sacroiliac joint pain  This has been offered to all our practitioners who work from the Solihull Clinic, Tamworth Clinic and Atherstone Clinic.  Our practitioners are all multi-talented musculo-skeletal practitioners and come from backgrounds of osteopathy, physiotherapy, podiatry, sports therapy and acupuncture.

Due to our success rate in treating painful sacroiliac joints we get patients from all over the UK and even Europe visiting us for treatment. In 2014 we had visitors from Yorkshire, Scotland, Finland, Northern Ireland, Manchester, Newcastle. Suffolk, Lincoln, London, Swansea and Norfolk.  This indicates how difficult it is to find a clinic or practitioner that can resolve sacroiliitis.  Patients tell us they have tried osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncture and their GP with no resolution to their pain.  Many months or sometimes even years of misery have driven patients to seek help from Atlas the sacroiliac joint specialists.

Many can "talk the talk" but cant "walk the walk"  At Atlas our success rate proves we can "walk the walk"

           If you want an end to sacroiliac joint pain and have tried everything else without success,
                                          visit the Sacroiliac joint pain specialists at Atlas
Introducing the "Atlas Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment Protocol"